1xBet Gambling Tutorial: Understanding Betting Systems

Even though cryptocurrency gambling is a game of chance, you can always improve your chances of winning by using an effective betting strategy, such as the the ones described in this blog post. However, please bear in mind that in gambling, even the most sophisticated betting strategies have their downsides.

Why do we gamble? 

1xbet bahis oynama eğitimiWhy do we gamble? This question is probably as old as time itself. To find an answer, we could go into a long philosophical discussion about a person’s inner desire to try their luck and boost their self-confidence and so on, but the truth is much closer to the surface. We simply crave money, as well as the thrill and hope that the next bet could be the big one that helps us strike gold.

Most people gamble erratically without applying a logical, structured approach, which can be fruitful, but it is unlikely to bring you regular winnings. In order to win at online Bitcoin casinos fairly regularly, you have to use a strategy that mitigates the risks and increases your chances of hitting the jackpot.

The three most popular betting strategies

bahis stratejisiThere are literally a plethora of different betting strategies that claim to reap the biggest rewards, but we have chosen to focus on the three most widely accepted betting systems that you can start using right away at our online casino or playing video slots.

  • Positive progression betting involves a player raising their stake after each winning bet. It is most suitable for novice and conservative players who don’t want to burn through their money right away.
  • Negative progression betting is a more aggressive strategy as it involves a player increasing their stake after every losing bet in the expectation that their total winnings will cover their losses.
  • Insurance betting system is the opposite of negative progression betting as it involves a player cutting their stake after every loss they make.

The Martingale approach

1xbet The Martingale school of betting emerged in the 18th century in France. Players following such an approach only change their stake slightly after each win, but bet double their previous stake after a loss.

Obviously, the Martingale betting system is a variation of the negative progression system which burns a hole in your pocket and forces you to take huge risks.

The D’Alembert strategy 

This is another classic betting system that was invented in the 1760s by Jean d’Alembert, a French mathematician and philosopher. It is similar to the Martingale approach as it is also a type of negative progression betting. The only difference is that when a player loses, they only bet a little more each time to minimise the chances of the stakes getting really high.

The Paroli betting system 

This betting system derives its name from the Latin word “par”, which means “the equal one.” It is also often referred to as the reverse Martingale system as it is a type of positive progression betting. In other words, players employing this strategy increase their bets after each win, which gives them an opportunity to win big with a small outlay.

The Parlay betting system

Parlay is another positive progression betting system and players employing this strategy increase their bets after each win. However, instead of doing so gradually, they reinvest all their winnings, as well as their initial stake amount, either with their next bet or over several bets, a method which is known as the Parlay Formula.

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