1xBet Opens the Benefit Season for the Cricket Buffs

People love different sports but 1xbet cricket is the sport for true connoisseurs. And to satisfy their sophisticated taste in sports, 1xBet launches a special betting tournament.

It’s cricket time, baby! 

1xbet-cricketIndia is home to many great things: historic sights, vibrant festivals, colorful jewelry and accessories, Bollywood, spicy food, and “spicy” literature. But there’s one thing that Indians love more than a plate of hot curry – cricket. Indians are literally obsessed with this bat-and-ball game, which explains why spring, and not the summer, is the hottest season for sports fans in this South Asian country. During the period of nearly four weeks in March and May, the entire country lives and breathes the Indian Premier League (IPL), the most prestigious cricket tournament that determines the ultimate champion.

But the popularity of cricket and the IPL isn’t confined to India and other former territories of the British Empire. Today, it’s a truly global sport that is played, admired, and betted on by people from across the entire globe. 1xbet Cricket has always enjoyed popularity on our sports betting platform, but it’s about to attract even more fans and bettors since we are glad to announce the launch of an exclusive sports betting tournament called the Benefit Season.

Just go out and bet 

Shane Warne, the legendary Australian cricketer, one of the best in the history of the game, once said that cricket is a simple game – keep it simple and just go out and play. A great saying indeed, but we’d like to add that in the period between 3 June and 18 July, you should rather go out and bet on cricket because you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to win a special prize.

Benefit Season is dedicated to the 15th season of the Tata Indian Premier League that is played at four magnificent cricket venues in the cities of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Pune.

Ten finest cricket teams from across India are competing for the right to be called the best players in the country where cricket is the second religion. And while the cricketers are swinging, batting, missing or scoring, you can fatten up your purse by betting not only on the IPL games but on all cricket games played during the designated period. If that’s now heaven for an avid cricket bettor, then nothing is!

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