All-Inclusive Trip to Maldive from 1xBet!

All-Inclusive-Trip-to-Maldive-from-1xBet-minHave you made vacation plans for 2019 yet? If the answer is “no”, then you should not waste your time finding cheap plane tickets or accommodation since 1xBet has you covered with this year’s holiday. How does a 10-day, all-inclusive Maldives trip sound?

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You must be already wondering how can something like that happen. Well, there’s nothing out of the ordinary required of you. By simply enjoying your regular bets on sporting events between the 25th of January and 6th of March, you will collect lottery tickets for the big trip. Each bet of €7 brings you one ticket and automatically signs you up for the draw that will take place on the 7th of March. Just like with any other lottery out there, the more tickets you get, the bigger your chances to win the big prize become.

And to help you gather more lottery tickets, we also put together a system that boosts the number of tickets you get. It goes like this:

  • €7 bet – 1 ticket
  • €14 bet – 3 tickets
  • €34 bet – 10 tickets
  • €68 bet – 25 tickets
  • €1340 bet – 1,000 tickets

Gather as many tickets as possible by backing up your favourite teams and enter the draw. Also, there’s much more than the paid trip to the Maldives you can win! The second place gets a 88-inch diagonal 4K SAMSUNG QLED TV while the third prize is an iMac Pro computer. And even if you don’t get either of the three big prizes, you still have the chance to win up to 10,000 bonus points from the total prize pool of 18,850 points.

So, what are you waiting for? Start backing up your favourite teams at 1xBet right now and, besides the daily wins you can also get one of the fabulous prizes we prepared. Enjoy the holiday of a lifetime or at least watch the Maldive beaches in 4K or on the iMac Pro.

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