Innovative and Unique 1xGames to Make Money Online

1xgames-to-make-money-onlineIxBet is continually pushing the boundaries to provide players with fresh and fun ways to earn a profit playing online. Using all its resources and imagination, 1xBet consistently delivers high-quality entertainment.

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The 1xGames is for players who want something a bit different with exclusive titles. The 1xGames category comes with a great choice of such games. There are currently more than 100 innovative game titles for signed up players to enjoy and win big.

There is something for everyone with diverse themes and gameplay styles with the 1xGames collection, which will undoubtedly satisfy all your gaming needs. The choice includes games with rotating reels, card games, table games, sports-related games, and everything in between.

The majority of the 1xGames provide guaranteed cashback bonuses to boost your chances and enhance your entire experience. You can choose two 1xGames that provide you with a 3% cashback bonus for everything you wager on the games. Also, 1xBet selects a random monthly game that offers a higher bonus of 5%! You can upgrade the 3% cashback bonus up to 5% if you stake over €343 in one calendar month.

On top of the cashback bonus, you get to boost your winning chances even more with the jackpots available on all the 1xGames. You can win an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly jackpot that is triggered randomly and can reward you highly. If you are now convinced 1xGames will provide you with a fantastic experience, however, you are still undecided about which game to play, here are few exceptional options. They are the three newest games currently available at 1xBet.


OXO is one of the most well-known games in the world, enjoyed by young and old alike. It would be a pleasant surprise if you could earn a good income playing OXO online. Well, now you can as 1xBet has developed OXO as a real-money game where you can win serious money.

OXO online is an entertaining game that functions similarly to a standard slot machine. The exception is there are only two symbols – Xs and Os. You start by placing a bet, the random symbols land on the reels. If you gain three matching symbols on the three lines or two diagonals, then your stake is multiplied. Landing three matching symbols, whether X or O gives you 1.5x your stake. Gaining an OXO combination on the paylines increases your bet by 2.5.

Avengers Scratch Card

The avenging heroes are back with this scratch card game where you can profit online while you play. Your favourite superheroes are all here with the Avengers Scratch Card game by 1xBet. As with other scratchers, you have to decide on your stake first to receive up to nine cards. Next, click on any card, or press the Reveal All button to show its value. If you gain at least three identical symbols in any direction, then your stake is multiplied. The game displays the multipliers at all times, and they can increase from 1x to 10,000x your triggering bet!

Captain America, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, and The Hulk combine for an incredible adventure with many chances to win!


You can try a novel way to play online with 1xCases. Choose with care from seven categories, each containing outstanding prizes. The game is an absolute stunner, and once you open the cases, they instantly reveal prizes with up to 5x your initial bet! You also get the chance to boost your winnings by upping your stakes. The game can provide a rewarding experience and a satisfying feeling when you win big!

These three games are just the tip of the iceberg at 1xBet. They are the latest additions to a range of compelling and lucrative games in the series. More than 100 games serve up an outstanding choice for all players. Sign up at 1xBet now and join in the fun with 1xGames. Creating an account allows you to have fun with loads of winning opportunities!

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