Rocket League Betting: How to Bet on Rocket League

With up to 6 million players a day, Rocket League is one of the most played online video games. This popularity has also made it an eSport that people can bet on.

In this article, we look at what rocket league is, and how you can place bets on the eSport and win on 1xBet.

What is Rocket League?

rocket-league-bettingRocket League is a video game that combines car racing and football into a unique and highly entertaining online gaming experience. 

The current game version has different modes, ranging from 1 vs. 1, where one car competes against another, to 4 vs. 4, where four players play in one team against a team of 4 players. Accessing the game is easy since it is compatible both online with players on different multiple devices or offline, on one console.

During competitive gameplay, a player joins a team of three players. Each player picks the car they will be using during the five-minute match. At the start of the match, the ball is placed in the middle of the field, just like in a normal football game. However. instead of the players being around the ball or in different positions on the field, they are at their goalposts.

When the signal for the game to start is given, each team races toward the ball. They then have to earn points by scoring the ball in the opposing team’s goal. At the end of the five minutes, the final score is calculated, with the team that scored the most goals winning. In case there is a draw, the teams will go into overtime.

The competitive nature and gameplay found in Rocket League have placed it on the list of eSports that people can regularly compete in.

How Does Rocket League eSports Betting Work?

Betting on Rocket League eSports matches is a simple process.

In a Rocket League tournament, you can bet on the outcome of the tournament, or the outcome of a specific match. All you will need to do is to choose the team you think will win.

Choosing a winning team takes some effort on your part. Researching the teams and their past performance, including their team members, is important in Rocket League betting. Also, it is important to know the schedule of upcoming matches and tournaments. This will help you to stay updated on the bets you can place.

Below, we highlight some of the top Rocket League tournaments you can be on the lookout for.

Top Rocket League eSports Competitions

Rocket League tournaments have been on the rise since the game was launched in 2015. There have been consistent tournaments since 2015 as the game’s creators, Psyonix, took an active role in organizing tournaments. In 2019, Epic Games purchased Rocket League and brought more attention to the game’s tournaments.

The tournaments can either be international or feature teams from different regions of the world. While local events have teams from countries or regions.

The Rocket League Championship Series

The Rocket League Championship Series is an annual tournament featuring 24 top rocket league teams from around the world. They qualify for the event through regional competitive events, which are held online.

During the event, the 24 teams battle it out in different stages. The first stage, known as the Wildcard, has 16 teams competing in two, eight-team elimination groups. The top four teams from both groups then qualify for the final event and join eight other teams with automatic qualifications.

In the final competition of the series, the 16 teams face each other in a double-elimination group stage. The top eight teams in the group stage advance to the single-elimination stage.

Winners of the single-elimination stage are declared the Rocket League Championship Series winners and walk away with the final cash prize.

The Collegiate Rocket League Tournaments

Psyonix created an annual tournament that was aimed at university undergraduates who enjoy playing the game.

In this tournament, 16 teams from different colleges or universities around the world compete for the final cash prize and the tournament title. These teams qualify for the tournament’s final event through a series of smaller competitions.

The final event has the 16 teams being divided into groups of four and facing off in a double-elimination stage. The top eight teams after this stage then move forward to a single-elimination stage, then the best teams move to the quarter-finals. In the quarter-finals, teams compete in a best-of-five format, with the teams that win the most games moving on to the semi-finals. The semi-finals and finals have a best-of-seven format, and the winner of the most games in the final stage is crowned the tournament champion.

Independent Rocket League Tournaments

Numerous Rocket League events are organized by interested parties globally. For instance, the regional Intel World Opens, the LATAM Championships, the GFinity Series, the Commonwealth Games, and more. The tournaments are held periodically, depending on the sponsors.

Next, we look at how you can bet on any Rocket League on 1xBet.

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